‘How Soon Is Never’ video

‘How Soon Is Never’ is a piece of music by Acheface released on August 26th 2021. The track is performed entirely on a modular synthesizer, so it is only fitting that the video follows that approach. The visuals that accompany this track are a “hands-off” patch on the modular video synthesizer. The images respond in real time to the music through analog control voltages created by envelope following and sequencing.

Through clever patching and programming, the visuals follow the changes in mood and intensity of the music. Because Acheface’s visual identity is largely monochrome, the video is all in black and white.

Please support the artist by downloading the track from Bandcamp.

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To have more control over how the video changes with the mood and intensity of the music, The Voltage Painter used a very powerful Eurorack sequencer called the XOR Electronics NerdSeq. It allows many musical and visual transitions to take place at the same time through its advanced programming interface and multitude of channels. For example, as a control voltage sent from the NerdSeq increases a bitcrushing effect on the audio somewhere, that same voltage can be used to increase the blockiness of the video image to reflect that lo-fi quality of the sound.

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